Below you will find a list of my published works. Please watch this space for new releases!

Critters and Chaos Makers

ISBN: 978-1520830278 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1326981167 (Hardback)

“Now let me make thing even clearer for you, to wipe those nasty little smiles off your faces. I want you to make no mistake: you’re not here because you’re special. This isn’t Hogwarts or any of your other cool schools for gifted individuals, because you have no gifts. You have nothing.”

Mackenzie Marzolla is a bad girl. She and her best friend Hailey Perry rule their school with an iron fist, and their parents suffer and slave to keep them furnished with the latest designer everything. The girls have it made, but one man intends to tear it all down again.


Hadrian Hisham is the headmaster of St. Bungle's School for Insufferable Children, and he has eyes and ears in every house.

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